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Don't Get Hooked On Scams

Avoid Scams, Read before you buy.  My experience may save you $$ Money $$

  Vending Scams - Read before you buy - My experience may save you $$Money$$  

We do not sell machines or products, but we locate almost all of them. 
Who else to ask than a company that locates almost all machines and products.  Call Us before you buy.

Additionally we can inform you of other companies that may have better prices.

* Compliments of Seth Sauberman

In my opinion there exists an abundance of companies that sell machines and/or products. Their methods of selling range from superior to unsatisfactory. In fact, it is the combination of their selling methods that determines the company's character. In short, a vending company that is attempting to drum up new business frequently oversells itself.

One of the most popular ways that vending companies go about this is by:

  • Turning you over to a location company that offers guarantees ranging from third day replacements to ninety day with a weekly vending report required.

  • The worst of them all, illustrates a guarantee of a certain number of vends per day!!!

  • Looking at a vending company, overselling you, combined with a location company offering some kind of warranty, gives you reason for skepticism. 

To you, this probably sounds like a win-win situation. Vending companies tell you how wonderful everything is and location companies guarantee it. I have rarely heard of a guarantee being honored. 

Fortunately for potential vendors, there are excellent companies that sell machines and products.  There are also superb location companies.

NATIONWIDE LOCATIONS, INC. does not sell any type of of equipment.
We will find locations for vending equipment, ranging from small vending equipment and up.
We will secure most products on consignment racks, (floor & counter size).
We also secure telephone wall & counter top units and prepaid calling card machines.

Pricing varies depending upon number of units and type of units.
Please call for more details. We have been in business since 1992.
Hands on training and support is provided to the customer by going with locator, watching, and listening.

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Finding locations for your vending machines is our business . . . .

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